Grade 7 & 8 Awards – Presented at an Awards Assembly

The following awards are presented at an awards assembly during the school day with certificates and seals to acknowledge the accomplishments of the students receiving their awards.

Mustang Awards

  • There are an unlimited number of Mustang Awards presented to students who demonstrate Umbrella Skills and Mustang Character Attributes on a consistent basis.

Subject Awards

  • There are an unlimited number of awards per class per subject. These awards are based on at least a 75% final mark and demonstrated effort and strong learning skills in the subject area as determined by the class teacher. There is no limit to how many subject awards a student can received.

Honor Roll

  • Students who achieve an overall average of 80% or more – by averaging all the marks on the report card.

Top Subject Achievement Awards

  • There are 2 Subject Achievement awards given per subject. These awards are presented to students with exceptional marks and demonstrated effort and learning skills in that subject area.


Grade 8 Awards: Presented at the Graduation Ceremony

The following awards are presented at the Graduation Ceremony. Award recipients will receive a plaque and have their names engraved on the plaques displayed in the school.

Valedictorian Award

  • The valedictorian speaks on behalf of the graduating class at the graduation ceremony. The valedictorian is nominated by students, vetted by staff and chosen by student vote.

Abraham Erb Award

  • The Abraham Erb Award is presented to the student who has achieved the highest overall average in grade 8 (average of terms 1 & 2).

Academic Excellence Awards

  • The Academic Excellence Awards are presented to two students in both French Immersion and Core who have achieved the highest overall average (excluding the winner of the Abraham Erb award).

Ontario Principal’s (OPC) Leadership Award

  • The OPC Leadership Award is presented to a student who has demonstrated strong and consistent leadership qualities in any area of the school community (sports, citizenship, academic etc.).