At MacGregor, we believe our choice in clothing and accessories reflect our pride in our school, the value we place on the education that we give and receive in this building, and the respect that we have for each other.  As such, the following are the expectation of all students, staff, and visitors.  The dress code was developed with consultation from the Principals Council, Staff and School Council.  Any student not dressed appropriately will be counseled and will be required to change, either at school (e.g., into a gym shirt), or at home (parents will be called).

Hats, Caps & Hoodies:

Hats, caps and hoodies are permitted at school in hallways and at breaks.  Hats must be removed as a sign of respect in the office, in classrooms and at formal activities like assemblies, graduation etc., except for medical and religious reasons.

Tops & Bottoms:

All tops must have two straps and cover chest and belly.  Bottoms should be long enough to cover undergarments and upper thighs.

Mustang Character Attributes

Clothing must reflect the Mustang character attributes – no offensive language, alcohol or drug logos, gang affiliation or discriminatory comments.

Style Considerations

Clothing should be appropriate for the “job” of school – no pajamas, beach wear etc

Scents and Perfumes

Deodorant is permitted and encouraged.  However, spray colognes and perfumes are not allowed at school.