Innovating Tomorrow by Educating Today

We believe that schools and staff have an important role to play in innovating the future through the way we are educating our students today. The future is full of new possibilities and advancements, and we want to ensure that our students are prepared for the realities of what the workforce and our world may look like after they graduate.

Whether it is high tech innovation, or social innovation that is changing our society and communities to become better places to live, work and raise a family – we know our purpose as a public school district is to inspire our staff to see the potential in our students. We want to help our students imagine these futures for themselves while equipping them with the knowledge, skills, resilience and attitude to succeed.

We invite you to visit our innovation website to see where we imagine our students in the future.

We have included program information and helpful Parent Tips because we know that our families partner with us in every student’s learning journey. Throughout the school year, we will be adding more features to highlight our great programs that help students realise their potential.

From Kindergarten through to Grade 12, we are innovating the way we teach and learn, so that our students can become the next generation of innovators. That’s why we have created this image series: to imagine futures for all of our students and to share information for parents and caregivers with the goal of creating the best possible outcomes for our students.

Our dreams for our students are as big as their own, and we are committed to helping our students reach their full potential – each and every one.

We all have a role in innovating the future by supporting our students today. Their future is full of possibilities and we want to ensure they’re prepared for the realities of what our world may look like after they graduate:

Let’s #WRDSBinnovate together!

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