In case of inclement weather, please listen to the following radio stations, or check the following websites:

Bus Delays can be found on the transportation website

Please do not call the school because our lines must be free to receive emergency information.

Please keep the office informed of changes to the Data Verification Form (i.e., phone numbers, emergency contacts), as we rely on this information to contact parents/guardians in case of emergency.


The Board’s procedure for severe weather  provides guidelines and expectations for school closings due to severe weather, and how this information is communicated to our families.

Severe weather refers to conditions such as ice, fog, rain, sleet, snow, wind and/or frigid temperatures and wind chills. We consider a frigid temperature to be -35°C with wind chill, or colder.

The general manager of Student Transportation Services of Waterloo Region (STSWR) will monitor weather and temperatures in the region beginning at 5:30 am, using Environment Canada’s wind chill index. If the temperature is forecasted to reach or exceed -35°C with wind chill at 7:00 am, buses will not operate and schools will be closed. The education centre will be open to those employees who can safely arrive to work.

How do we communicate cancellations or closures?

Decisions relating to cancellations and closures are made by 6:00am. Any cancellations and closures will be posted on our website and school websites. Information will also be available on our twitter account (@wrdsb). We encourage you to monitor our website and listen to local media for up-to-date cancellation and closures.

Parents have the option of keeping their children at home when concerned about weather conditions.