• I help others.
  • I use good manners.
  • I smile and acknowledge each Mustang.
  • I leave no one out – there is always room for one more.


  • I ask for assistance when I needed, and offer help to others when needed.
  • I am prepared for learning every day.
  • I set goals and take ownership for my success.
  • I get involved in Mustang activities


  • I do the right thing and choose right from wrong. I choose the behaviour and accept the consequences.
  • I am true to myself, and will not give in to peer pressure.
  • I take responsibility for my actions.
  • Mustangs matter! My behaviour makes a difference.


  • I listen when someone is speaking.
  • I am aware of how my words and actions impact others. I watch my words and body language.
  • I am a focused learner and I follow instructions.
  • I demonstrate self-control.


  • I co-operate with others – and leave no Mustang behind!
  • I build relationships through acceptance, support, and acts of kindness.
  • I encourage others.
  • I look for positive solutions.