Student Support

Teachers at MacGregor meet regularly with students before and after school, and during Nutrition Breaks. In addition to classroom support provided by teachers, we are pleased to provide a variety of other supports to students. The library is also open at both breaks for students to work on assignments, to complete homework, to study and to access computers for research purposes.  We have a Child and Youth Worker who provides support in a multiple areas related to mental health and well-being.  

Student Recognition

We recognize student contributions to school and community with “MacGregor Salutes” during our Salutes assemblies. These noteworthy achievements are publicly recognized and highlighted for the entire student body.

The MacMerit program encourages staff members to give out MacMerit ballots to any student demonstrating responsible and/or respectful behaviour. The ballots are kept in a drum and a winner is drawn weekly. The prizes are modest but valued by the students. In addition, students who demonstrate responsible behaviour are invited to assume leadership responsibilities within the school.

We celebrate success and encourage students to contribute positively in all areas of school and our community.