2018-19 Gr. 8 Camp and Secondary School Information Night

Gr. 9 Course Selection

What is my secondary home school?

The school you attend is based on geographic boundaries. Confirm which secondary school you are eligible to attend – school finder.

If applying to a magnet program, refer here to find the school you’d be eligible to attend (located in the “Maps by Municipality” section – scroll half-way down page).

Out of Boundary Requests

A student can only attend a school outside of their boundary if the student has:

  • been accepted into a magnet program
  • significant issues of bullying would impact their home school placement
  • mitigating health concerns

NOTE:  Students requesting attendance at a different school from their home school, must submit an 8-9 Transfer Request form (available from the office) to the Principal or Guidance teacher by the end of January. If you are planning on attending a school outside the WRDSB, please register at that school as soon as possible.

 “MAGNET” Programs